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The information below will give you an idea about the present state of college.The educational establishment "Minsk State Trade College" is a governmental property, it is under the authority of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. The total college buildings area is 9,248 m2, including 3,620 m2 of classrooms and laboratories, 7,037 m2 of the Hall of Residence, 2,789 m2 of which is a living space.Nowadays there are 4 departments and 13 subject commitees working at the college.The training is carried out in accordance with scheduled admission figures which are annually approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, in full-time departments or by correspondence, on free or pay base. The students are trained for the following specialities:             2-240102 "Jurisprudence"            2-250135 "Accounting, analysis and auditing"            2-270137 "Economics and organization of production"            2-250110 "Commercial activity"            2-910101 "Technology of cooking and organization of public catering "The total annual quantity of students can be described as follows:  
 yearFull-time coursesCorrespondence courses
On free baseOn pay baseTotalOn free baseOn pay baseTotal
2003 2004 2005 20061,037 1,027 991 998524 594 661 7541,561 1,621 1,652 1,752550 542 583 539221 284 341 369771 826 924 908
                          Statistics.211 teachers and officials are engaged in professional training of the students.Administration staff - 22 people26 officials127 specialists including 99 teachers36 workers145 people have higher education25 people have secondary special education41 people have secondary education185 women26 men Average age: 4829 people have working experience lees than 1 year39 people have working experience lees than 5 year44 people have working experience lees than 10 year57 people have working experience lees than 15 year On average 25 teachers take part in the in-service training programmes every year:            18 teachers during 2004-2005 academic year            25 teachers during 2005-2006 academic year            54 teachers (planned number) during 2006-2007 academic yearThe college has full range of classrooms and practical rooms. There is an assembly hall, a gymnasium, a rifle range, a doctor's surgery. There are 7 sport sections. Every year students and teachers take part in sport competitions which are held during the Sports Day. The Pastoral Council controls both academic achievements and extracurricular work of the students.There are 184 members in the college teachers union and 961 members in the students union. 651 students are members of Belorussian Republication Youth Union.
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