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This information is about Technology of Cooking Department of educational establishment "Minsk State Trade College" (beforehand it was "Minsk Technical School of Soviet Trade"). The training of full-time students for public catering establishments was organized in 1957. The training of technician-production engineers is realized for manufacturing, organizational and commerce activity at public catering establishments of different patterns of ownership (joint-stock companies, state, teasing, privately owned, joint ventures, small-scale and other enterprises and organizations). The college graduates can work as production engineers, managers (deputies) of a building block (a subdivision ), managers (deputy managers), shop superintendents (section managers), administrators (head-waiters) of a dining-room (a banquet room), as well as take up posts which can be replaced by specialists with secondary special (trade) education.The educational process at college is carried out under the curriculum, students are given instructions both in professional and general disciplines. They comprehend the secrets of culinary mastery at their course "Technology (Technique) of food Preparation". Besides, they study public catering establishments' equipment, organization of production and service, learn to work out and introduce progressive manufacturing methods of public catering production, receipts of new dishes based on economical and efficient usage of raw materials. Using normative and technical documentation on culinary production, students acquire practical skills in monitoring the maintenance of requirements and rules for organization up-to-date (modern) production.Nowadays, specialists' training is realized for the specialities "Manufacturing work and organization of public catering" with specialization "Manufacturing (Production)  technology (technique) of national and world cuisine".The training at Technology of Cooking Department is performed:-         on the basis of the general basis education (0-level) - the duration of the course is 3 years and 5 months-         on the basis of the general secondary education(A-level) - the duration of the course is 2 years and 5 monthsIn 2006-2007 academic year 490 students study at the department (10 groups are on the budget (free) base and 7 groups are on the pay base).
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