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The following information is about Accountancy and Law Department of Educational Establishment "Minsk State Trade College". At the initial phase of the college work the department was called Book-keeping. Then it was united and renamed into Book-keeping-Commodity Researching. Later it had the name "Book-keeping _Jurisprudence" and at last they began calling it "Accountancy and Low Department".At the department much attention has been always paid to the students practical studies. Future accountants have practical training at the supermarket "Tsentralny", at the State and Department Stores, at the department store "Belarus", at the restaurants "Belarus" and "Sputnik", at the cafes "Palyaunitsy" and "Alenky Tsvetochek".For the working time of the department more then 12.000 accountants have finished it. Some of them threw in their lot with teaching Accountancy and came back to our college as teachers.Hardworking and creative teaching-body has been formed at the departments commissions. Our teachers and laboratory assistants constantly elaborate forms and methods of teaching both at the lessons and practical classes and during out-of-class work. It is assisted not only by their regular work on themselves, but also their participation in different seminars in order to perfect pedagogical skills, to master the newest pedagogical technologies, to elaborate skills of practical activity.Forming personality, bringing out and developing creative abilities, young people's participation in all spheres of college life and the main tendencies of the department's activity.All the students have an opportunity to show themselves in any sphere of college activity. Olympiads, conferences, various concerts and competitions, holidays and meetings are regularly held at the college.Nowadays at Accountancy and Law Department they train students for the following specialities:-         2-25 01 35 Accountancy and Auditing, qualification accountant.On the basis of 9 forms - the term of education is 2 years 10 months.On the basis of 11 forms - the term of education is 1 year 10 months.-         2-24 01 02 Jurisprudence, specialization2-24 01 02 35 Law and Organization of Social Security, qualification lawyer.On the basis of 9 forms - the term of education is 2 years 10 months.
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